Some common sense of textile machinery

The public hazards produced by textile machinery in use mainly include noise, dust, toxic and harmful gases and waste water containing harmful substances. There are two reasons: equipment factor and process factor. Noise is a kind of mechanical vibration wave with air as the carrier. Most workshops in the textile factory, especially the weaving workshop, are noisy.

Measures that can be taken in textile machinery include lining sound absorbing materials on the inner wall of the casing, replacing chain drive and gear drive with flexible toothed belt, improving the accuracy and dynamic balance of moving parts, and installing damping washers between high-speed parts and the frame. However, some noise elimination measures also bring negative factors, such as inconvenience in operation and maintenance after installing noise protection cover. Creative improvement of mechanical design is the fundamental measure to reduce noise. For example, the noise of shuttleless looms (see weaving) is close to the requirements of environmental protection.