Introduction to manufacturing method of multifunctional spinning unit

Our purpose is to provide a multifunctional spinning machine to solve the problems in the above background technology. In order to achieve the above purpose, we adopt the following technical scheme: a multifunctional spinning machine, including a multifunctional spinning structure. The multifunctional spinning structure includes a winder, a body and a reduction motor. The reduction motor is electrically connected with the body and is fixed and embedded in the body. The winding device of the spinning machine is electrically connected through an external power supply, and also includes a binding body, a support frame, a driving shaft, a driven shaft, a driven wheel, a driving wheel and a belt. The driving wheel and driving shaft of the spinning machine are fixed and installed through the rotor of the reduction motor. The driven shaft and driven wheel are connected through the front end of the machine body. The driven wheel and driven wheel rotate through the belt, and the driven shaft and driving shaft also rotate through the belt. The binding body of the spinning machine body includes a clamping body and an adsorption fixing body. The upper part of the clamping body is rotatably installed with an adsorption fixing body, and the lower end of the clamping body is elastically connected with the adsorption fixing body.