What is the working process of cotton baler?

What is the working process of cotton baler?

1. Check whether the appearance of the cotton baler is abnormal and whether there are safety hazards around it (do not put intestinal convectors or other foreign objects near the machine). After confirming that it is normal, open the load switch of the electric control box, turn the key switch to the open gear, and release the emergency stop button. The power indicator of the electrical control box is on.

2. Place a large paper shell at the bottom of the machine, close the upper iron door, turn the tightening machine of the lower iron door and lock it firmly. (When locking the door, be sure to lock it to the end. The internal pressure of the machine is high and the lock is not tight. When there is a gap on the door, the safety sensor will act and the machine will stop protection.)

3. Press the button below to lower the pressure head to the bottom and automatically rise to the upper shutdown time, and pneumatically reset the packing chain of the pressure head at one time.