How to prevent rust in the processing of iron castings

In the metal processing industry, many metals are easy to rust, so how can we prevent these metal parts from rusting in the processing of iron castings? We can choose the rust prevention method according to the requirements and standards of rust prevention:

1. Water-soluble antirust fluid can be used for antirust in short-term working procedures (0-30 days). Free of the trouble of cleaning, colorless and transparent, environmentally friendly and economical. Dipping and spraying processes can be used.

2. In the medium term, indoor storage or land transportation can be conducted by applying anti-rust oil or anti-rust oil plus vapor phase anti-rust method, which can prevent rust for one month to one year;

3. For long-term indoor storage or marine transportation, the method of applying solvent-diluted antirust oil and adding vapor phase antirust packaging/other protective packaging shall be used for antirust, which can prevent rust for 1~3 years.