What are the common processes for processing steel castings?

The existence of steel products is a common steel product on the market today, and is a key product widely concerned by all sectors of society. The existence of steel castings is more typical of steel products. What are the common processes for processing steel castings?

When processing cast steel products, it is necessary to adopt appropriate processing methods according to the processing requirements of the products. For example, before processing, the relatively important areas should be placed downward, and then other process operations can be carried out to ensure the processing effect of the materials. In addition, one side of the materials is relatively thin. In view of this situation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the operation methods, and the staff should ensure that the thin material side is downward, The other side is upward, which can avoid abrasion of the material.

When molding steel castings, the selected mold outline should meet the requirements, and the mold appearance should not be damaged, because it is easy to affect the processing effect of materials. Many processing units will ignore this problem during production, thus affecting the production effect of materials.