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Development Trend of Domestic Card Clothing Matching High Yield Carding Machine

Development Trend of Domestic Card Clothing Matching High Yield Carding Machine

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In the history of carding technology, the development of carding equipment and carding machine has always been mutually causal and complementary.  Only with excellent carding elements can the performance of the new carding machine be supported.  Modern high-yield carding machines put forward higher requirements for card clothing.

 Geometrical specifications are moving towards precision

 After high-speed and high-yield carding machine, it is necessary to increase the transfer and stripping capacity of fiber, especially to solve the problem of fiber transfer and guide high-speed airflow caused by the short, shallow, dense and small working angles of cylinder clothing.  The doffer card clothing adopts small working angle, circular arc tooth tip and combined tooth shape, which can increase the transfer stripping ability and holding ability and take into account bending strength, while increasing the tooth height to increase the inter-tooth capacity and guide high-speed airflow.

 Under the condition that the speed of the piercing roller is correspondingly increased, the cylinder speed is gradually increased from 360 rpm to 450 - 600 rpm.  The increase of cylinder speed leads to the increase of centrifugal force and the tendency of fiber slippage on the comb needle.  In order to improve the ability of holding and carding, the working angle of the needle teeth must be reduced accordingly.  As the output of carding machine increases from 25 ~ 35kg / set to 45 ~ 140kg / set, the card clothing load increases and the carding degree decreases.  In order to reduce the clothing load and increase the carding degree, the overall height of the cylinder clothing must be reduced and the tooth density encrypted.

 The needling roller part shall hold and comb the fiber and cotton bundle and remove impurities therein.  In order to have enough number of teeth to ensure the carding effect, in addition to the high speed of the needling roller under the condition that the cylinder and the needling roller have a larger speed ratio and do not increase fiber damage, the needle teeth must be encrypted to increase the number of teeth acting on the same cotton bundle in both the transverse and longitudinal directions.  Secondly, in order to transfer the combed fiber to the cylinder perfectly and improve the impurity removal efficiency, the working angle of the sawtooth must be increased appropriately.

 In order to meet the matching requirements of the cylinder clothing of high-speed and high-yield carding machines, it is necessary to improve the arrangement of planting needles and reduce the transverse needle tip distance.  The arrangement of curved lines with transverse density, thin density, transverse density and increasing longitudinal density can be adapted to the cylinder clothing with the base thickness reduced to 0.5 ~ 0.4.

 Adding a fixed cover plate to the carding machine is a powerful measure to achieve high yield, and it is also the development trend of the industry.  The fixed cover plate at the rear of the cylinder makes full use of the cylinder needle surface to pre - comb the fed fibers and cotton bundles so as to reduce and reduce the cotton bundles entering the carding area of the cover plate.  Uniformly load the cylinder needle surface to improve the carding and blending effect of the carding machine.  It is favorable for the cover plate to reduce the spacing, increase the needle density and prolong the service life.  The fixed cover plate at the front of the cylinder improves the carding ability of the carding machine at one time, reduces the fiber aggregate in the cotton web at one time, increases the single fiber, appropriately reduces the fiber transfer rate, and improves the clarity of the cotton web and the fiber straightness of the sliver.

 Intellectualization of Material Technology Specialty

 In order to produce high wear-resistant metal card clothing and additional carding pieces, Chinese card clothing manufacturers began to directly select imported high-quality finished steel wires, including Germany's high wear-resistant alloy steel materials.  In addition, clothing manufacturers also use atmosphere - controlled bell-type furnaces to carry out non - decarburization and oxidation heat treatment of metal card wire and billet.  The atmosphere controllable bell-type furnace adopts the advanced technology in the world today and realizes the whole process control and management of the computer.  Through the protection of hydrogen and nitrogen in the furnace, no decarburization or oxidation is realized, and the hardness uniformity of the heat treated steel wire or billet is extremely poor less than 10HV.  It effectively solves the problem of wire decarburization caused by vacuum and nitrogen filling protection well type annealing furnace commonly used in China and affects the service life of card clothing.

 In a high-speed carding machine, the centrifugal force of the fibers is large and they are easily thrown away from the needle teeth and become floating fibers between adjacent parts.  Because of the great speed difference between the adjacent parts, the floating fibers were rubbed violently, resulting in a large number of neps.  In order to make the fibers in a single state, separate impurities from fibers, increase the carding length of fibers, improve the degree of fiber separation and equal straightness, and reduce the formation of neps, it is necessary to adopt tight spacing between the needling roller and the cotton feeding plate, between the cylinder and the cover plate, between the cylinder and the fixed cover plate, and between the needling roller and the carding plate to carry out strong carding.  The tighter the spacing is, the higher the precision of the needle teeth will be.  Therefore, high-precision clothing can meet the requirements of high-speed and high-yield carding machines and carding machines.

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