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Textile machinery industry trends to be released in Shaoxing in the future

Textile machinery industry trends to be released in Shaoxing in the future

Industry news

Yesterday, the China Textile Machinery and Equipment Industry Association and Shaoxing County Government signed an agreement on the venue of the " China Textile Machinery Industry Transformation and Upgrading Summit Forum".  According to the agreement, the future situation and development trend of domestic and foreign textile machinery industry will be released in Shaoxing County, where China's textile machinery industry transformation and upgrading summit forum will be held every year.  This means that Shaoxing County has since become the information frontier of the national textile machinery industry.

 Strengthening the textile industry must be based on strengthening the textile machinery.  China is the world's largest textile machinery producer. Qixian Town, Shaoxing County, as a " famous textile machinery town in China", has nearly 400 textile machinery manufacturing and supporting enterprises of all kinds, including 3 state-level high-tech enterprises, more than 100 patents and textile machinery output value of nearly 6 billion yuan.  At present, the national textile industry is facing the urgent task of industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. It will be a year of opportunities and challenges for the textile industry. Shaoxing County, which has the advantage of textile machinery manufacturing, will naturally be pushed to the forefront.  In order to explore the road of transformation of China's textile machinery industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, after consultation, the China Textile Machinery Industry Association decided to hold a summit forum on transformation and upgrading of China's textile machinery industry in Shaoxing County every year.

 A person in charge of the China Textile Industry Association believes that Shaoxing textile machinery is an excellent representative of the competitiveness of the industry, and the holding of the summit forum will surely create a good industrial atmosphere in Shaoxing, and a strong information flow will lead the whole textile machinery industry forward.  Li Dake, Secretary General of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation, believes that the improvement of people's consumption level will surely promote the fabric of clothing to become more functional, diversified and personalized.  And these fabrics all need advanced spinning machines to weave, Shaoxing County has already taken the lead in this respect.  I believe that the forum will be held in Shaoxing County, which will further enhance the strength and influence of Shaoxing County's textile industry cluster.

 On the same day, a group of textile machinery enterprises such as Qixian Town Yuejian Textile Machinery established long-term cooperative relations with Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Central Electric Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences, and will jointly build Shaoxing Textile Machinery Research Institute to develop advanced warp knitting machines and warping machines.